Dream Unit Fishing is a group of seasoned lure fishermen with a total of 40 years of angling experience. We ensure continuous research and development as well as the daily use of industrial design tools to quickly develop new projects. Our skills enable us to develop innovative fishing lures with the desire to exclusively offer top-end products that provide real added value for the world of recreational lure fishing (freshwater and sea). Our products are tested by a team of fishermen with backgrounds in competitive and recreational fishing. This synergy of design / experience enables us to develop our own concepts, which are then approved by our teams in the field to obtain a final version for each lure.


Dream Unit Fishing specialises in the conception, design & production of fishing lures. We have developed our own production processes and tools, including 3D modelling, CNC machine calibration as well as the rigorous selection of top-end materials for the production of our lures. This is followed by tests, certifications and quality control to guarantee the end user a uniquely designed product.


Solid experience of lure fishing techniques in freshwater and saltwater enable us to approach this market with true expertise. The evolution of feeding modes and the reactions of predators towards certain types of lures also enable us to take advantage of this observation to develop effective models for predatory fish that are more receptive to a type of vibration / sound and size of prey. Our team of testers consists of 8 anglers throughout France, who are reinforced by two teams of anglers in the USA and Japan that carry out field tests on different types of predatory fish, enabling us to best adapt our ranges of lures.

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